Sunday, December 14, 2014

Myanmar an introduction...

Myanmar, the Golden land! This country has truly touched my heart! With its so many temples and pagodas, the rich land where everything grows: rice, chili, sesame, ginger, mustard, corn, wheat, garlic and a crazy number of fruits and vegetables I've never seen before (my wonderland!). It's a poor country where 70% of the population live in rural areas and farming is their way of life, they have no electricity, no water and no shoes... but they do have food, some level of education and the most beautiful smiles :) Kids run out of the houses shouting Minglaba! and adults would do the same! 

The best experiences were talking and playing with the people. The Monastery hike was the most intense experience ever! Walking almost all day to reach this place on top of the mountain and simply find a small village with the most beautiful 3 monk novices that had so much energy to play was amazing! Sleeping in such a place makes you humble.... The Bagan temples and the sunsets there are absolutely magic, Inle has a strong vive, hiking in Kinpun was a ''holly'' experience and the unexpected Hpa-An probably the most beautiful nature of the country... going into a cave and coming out in the other side to discover paradise is something I will never forget!!

The encounters were many but the lessons a few: don't complain, find solutions as they do. Its cold, they lit the fire, kids want to play, they create their own toys, hungry? harvest, need water, create pipes to collect it..... but the most important thing, SMILE! always and no matter what is going on in your life because when you smile, you not only make yourself happy, you make the world around you happy! So smile and spread the happiness like the Myanmar kids know how to do! :)

I love this place! Thanks Myanmar, I will surely come back!

Enjoy the blog and I am here to share stories, tips and help in any way if you decide to go to this magic land! :)

You can also find more pictures in my Facebook Album: Magic Myanmar:

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